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  1. Boi Tulus in Balige is one of the industries engaged in the processing of woven sarongs. In order for a product to be said to be of high quality, the product must meet the specifications that have been set. To obtain a quality product, a quality control measure is needed. Quality control carried out at UD. Boi Tulus has not been carried out optimally on woven sarong products. There are obstacles that result in the quality of the woven sarong products that are not in accordance with standards, such as the discovery of defects. For that, a quality improvement action is needed at UD. Boi Tulus so as to be able to produce quality sarong products. The use of the Six Sigma method in quality control at UD. Boi Tulus is the right step in dealing with the problems faced in the industry. Based on data processing, the percentage of defects in woven sarong products at UD. Boi Tulus for the period May 2021-March 2022 is 5-9%. By using the DMAIC approach, there are 4 categories of defects in the weaving gloves, namely uneven color defects, sizes not according to specifications, torn thread defects, broken thread defects or knots. After calculating the value of DPMO on UD. Boi Tulus is 10,884 with a Sigma level value of 3,800. This means that from a million opportunities, there will be a possibility of 10,884 UD. Boi Tulus, can not meet the quality control standards carried out. Furthermore, fishbone tools are used to analyze the factors causing defects in weaving gloves, then recommendations for improvement are given in the form of SOPs and supervision is carried out in the form of control check sheets. After implementation, there are changes, namely a decrease in the value of DPMO to 4.462 and the Sigma level to 4.1239.


Keywords        :           Quality Control, Defect, DMAIC, Six Sigma  


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butarbutar, F. (2023). Implementasi Metode Six Sigma Dalam Pengendalian Kualitas Produksi Di Industri Tekstil Sarung Tenun (Studi Kasus: Ud. Boi Tulus). Jurnal Teknovasi, 10(01), 45–60. https://doi.org/10.55445/jt.v10i01.74